Qlik Sense Makes Perfect Sense!

Qlik Sense Makes Perfect Sense!

Introducing Chris Deniziak, Data and Analytics Architect at CPS, and the newest addition to our team. Below he shares his thoughts on a topic he is very familiar with: Qlik Sense.


qlik senseAs a Qlik developer who started with QlikView, I thought there were a lot of features that had been lost with the original Qlik Sense 1.0 release. Even going to 2.0,  it was still lacking a lot from a customization point of view. Since then, which has been about three and a half years, there have been many improvements to the original platform as it was conceived. At this point, I think all those features have made their way back, whether it be out of the box functionality or extensions developed within the Qlik community. This is extremely exciting! Why am I bringing this up? Qlik Sense has come a long way, and with the latest February release, there are a few noteworthy items that bring it up to par with QlikView.


The first is the styling of the app. The white background is boring. It’s a fact. Now you can customize the default styling to surpass what you could do in QlikView, which includes the ability to make a custom theme. The best part is that it’s not impossible! With custom JSON/JavaScript and/or CSS, your themes can come to life. You’ll lose a little functionality on mobile devices, but I think that’s a fair compromise.


If you’re an "in the data trenches" type of person, you’ll be more than happy to learn that you can now load dynamically from a URL without having to enable Legacy mode. This is huge. I know that my dynamic development had been stifled by having to use a Library or enable Legacy mode when extracting from URLs. Now, as a developer, you can create content, and your administrators will be overjoyed that someone isn’t coming to them and asking for Legacy mode to be enabled so they can use a script they had written in QlikView.


If dynamic URLs were holding you back from converting over to Qlik Sense, now you have no reasons not to. Overall, Qlik Sense is now the better of the two products. If you don’t believe me, give it a shot and download it for yourself! Feel free to share your comments below or send a request to info@clearprocesssolutions.com to request more information.

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Posted: 2/27/2018 1:58:01 PM by Chris Deniziak | with 0 comments

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