RPA and Enterprise Workflow in Harmony

RPA and Enterprise Workflow in Harmony

RPA Enterprise Workflow CPSAt Clear Process Solutions (CPS) we’ve been pushing the capability of digital transformation platforms since the inception of the company.  We’ve been integrating multiple lines of business (LoB) systems through approved application programming interfaces (APIs), file downloads/uploads and other creative means to drive connectivity.  As creative as we have been, it has not been “easy” to connect to legacy or home-grown systems … until now. 

CPS has taken the next step in our technology evolution combining two extremely powerful technologies:

RPA and Enterprise Workflow 

Just like a Tesla, it takes many different parts (both hardware and software) working together to make the car go 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds (or less depending on model and features enabled). 


We’ve combined these two platforms to make your business completely automated and more efficient regardless of your system.  One common business process we automate is customer create/change. Most companies struggle with sending multiple emails and manually entering data into multiple systems.


A common flow to change a customer’s address is:

1. Customer emails customer service or sales rep and notifies them of a change of address
2. Customer service or sales rep sends PDF for customer to fill in updated information
3. Customer emails completed form back to customer service
4. Customer service gets approval for change of address and manually enters it into LoB systems
5. Customer service stores form in filing cabinet


This manual process is tedious, cumbersome and open to human errors. 


Watch this 10-minute video demonstrating how we automated a customer maintenance process. The demo shows how we combined workflow for approval and RPA for system integration for both an ERP (SAP) and the United States Postal Service (USPS) website. 



Now imagine what systems you could integrate both inside and outside your company to truly automate your business processes. 
Next, schedule a meeting with CPS to discuss some concepts and ideas for your company.

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