September WebTips: CPS Smart Tools for Winshuttle Workflow

September WebTips: CPS Smart Tools for Winshuttle Workflow

WinshuttleIn our ongoing WebTips Series, CPS has launched a new video about Smart Tools for all of you Winshuttlers out there to further simplify Workflow. These internally developed tools enhance your troubleshooting and administration process in Winshuttle Workflows. Available with SolutionCare, these tools are super simple to deploy and use for faster troubleshooting than the out-of-the-box scenarios available within Winshuttle.  There are two pieces to Smart Tools: Smart Tools Web Service and Smart Tools Composer Forms.

Why did we create these Smart Tools? After years of helping out clients, we developed these tools to eliminate multiple, and often times unnecessary, steps in order to improve our clients' processes. Presented by Scott Swann, who has worked with CPS for 3 years and has an extensive and impressive background with 20 years experience in application development, database administration, Sharepoint, and of course Winshuttle/ShareVis Workflow.

Watch Scott in this step-by-step demo of SmartTools on our September WebTips Session: 



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Still have questions regarding these topics or any other Winshuttle features? The CPS experts are here to help.

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