Treat Tech Partners like Royalty During Mergers & Acquisitions

Treat Tech Partners like Royalty During Mergers & Acquisitions

Technology partnersHow Strong Partnerships in the Technology Space Help Organizations Adapt to M&A Related Changes

Change is inevitable with the growth and efficiency demanded by today's markets.  As our economy continues to grow to a global one, mergers and acquisitions are a reality for even the largest firm. Once all impacted government agencies weigh in, though, action must be taken to deal with the newly defined entity, or entities, at an almost unreal pace.


Clear Process Solutions has created Business Process Managed Services, BPMS which includes CPS SolutionCARE, to be a core offering for our services and support teams.  It allows us to work in partnership with our customers via multi-year arrangements.  These arrangements are more cost effective than traditional time and material models, and allow us to work hand in hand with companies to continually introduce and improve process automation and BI solutions.  But what does BPMS have to do with M&A activity? 


Nimbleness. Speed. Resources.

One of our global customers recently went through a large merger with another very large organization.  However, due to the coverage of both in North America, a large divestiture had to be part of the deal.  This divestiture required a complete separation of data, a replication of certain technology platforms, and rapid testing and deployment of key data management processes for Customer and Material.  As a long-term partner with cadence, access to systems, deep understanding of the impacted data and the key processes, the CPS team was able to stand up and support a new Process Automation platform interacting with SAP within weeks, not months or years.  Due to our continued relationship, no one from either team was scrambling for knowledgeable resources... Our teams were already a functioning and cohesive group.


Not only was the divestiture in play, but the current organization (which was now much larger) had to keep functioning with data management and process automation as well. New people, more opportunity to streamline and control key processes, and shifting business ownership of processing all came into play.  Because of the relationship with CPS, the lights stayed on, key business functions were seamless, historical data was in the right system at the right time, and our collective team grew to support this new organization as well.


The vast amount of change introduced by mergers and divestitures creates a flurry of activity, contracts, and needs for resources.  Solidifying key relationships with technology partners can help relieve the burden and stress!

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