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Treat Tech Partners like Royalty During Mergers & Acquisitions

How Strong Partnerships in the Technology Space Help Organizations Adapt to M&A Related Changes Change is inevitable with the growth and efficiency demanded by today's markets.  As our economy continues to grow to a global one, mergers and... Read More...
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Business Process Managed Services: Saving 30% or More is Not Just for Car Insurance

Who wouldn't want to receive a 35% discount on important services their business uses every day? Clear Process Solutions has launched a strategic and mutually beneficial services arrangement: Business Process Managed Services (BPMS), exclusively for... Read More...
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The Snow Blower Effect: Changing Profitability and Value of Boutique Consulting

Much has changed in 30 years! It is unfathomable to admit that’s how long my professional life has been in and around technology and process consulting, but alas, it is true. Today’s business and technology environments are faster and more demanding... Read More...
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