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The Lean Engineering Paradigm Shift: Part 4 - Onshape’s Technology Shift

Similar to the Impact of Google, Salesforce & Tesla In my view, Onshape, known as “Modern” or “Cloud” CAD, is on pace to be compared to the advent of the Internet, Google Search and the likes of Tesla when it comes to game-changing innovations.... Read More...
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How RPA is Swinging the Pendulum Back to our Shores

Offshore, near shore, less expensive; outsourcing has certainly been a corporate trend over my time in the working world, especially with US based companies. Offshore job outsourcing helps U.S. companies be more competitive in the global... Read More...
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Clear Process Solutions Founder Sees and Embraces 3D Cloud Lean Paradigm Shift

In 1995, as one of the first SolidWorks Value-Added Resellers, I took a chance by launching a paradigm-shifting movement from Unix-based 3D CAD to desktop Windows 3D CAD.   My company at the time, Progressive Computing Corp (PCC) was a... Read More...
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Feeling Competitive? How to Win with Rapid New Product Development!

New product introduction and innovation throughput defines market leaders.  We are all on the hunt for new ideas to innovate and release products faster to not only retain, but gain market share.   It’s not enough to have great ideas and skilled... Read More...
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