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Data & Analytics, Enterprise Forms & Workflows and RPA Customer Success

Clear Process Solutions (CPS) is a results driven organization focused on business outcomes through technology solutions.  Our area of expertise is in data & analytics, enterprise forms & workflows, and robotic process automation. Our clients say... Read More...

Adopt Clear Process Solutions Line of Business (LoB) Philosophy

Regardless of your organization's industry, there are 4 principle rules when it comes to your line of business (LoB). From finance to quality to sales to every other department in your company, following these guidelines will make a significant... Read More...
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The Importance of a Data and Analytics Strategic Roadmap

During this webinar on-demand, learn the importance of building a roadmap before beginning your data and analytics journey. You’ll hear from digital transformation and data insights leaders, Justin Barr and Amii Lang, and learn how Heinen's grocery... Read More...
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Automate Your Winshuttle Financial Processes

During this webinar on-demand, learn what a finance automation process would look like and how eliminating Excel spreadsheets with automation is possible. You’ll hear from business process automation and Winshuttle experts, Justin Barr and Lance... Read More...
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Back to School, Back to Basics: Finance Automation & Capital Expenditure Requests

With the school year upon us bringing a new beginning to students and teachers, the CPS team has been thinking about our company’s beginning. In 2013 we started working with Moen Incorporated, an SAP customer and the number one faucet brand in North... Read More...
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Treat Tech Partners like Royalty During Mergers & Acquisitions

How Strong Partnerships in the Technology Space Help Organizations Adapt to M&A Related Changes Change is inevitable with the growth and efficiency demanded by today's markets.  As our economy continues to grow to a global one, mergers and... Read More...
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Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Workflows Improving Multiple Processes

No doubt you know the expression "can't see the forest for the trees," referring to being too involved in the details of a problem to look at the situation as a whole. We recently ran across an example of this when a client in the healthcare field... Read More...
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