Taking Business Process Management to a New Level – Digital Transformation

Taking Business Process Management to a New Level – Digital Transformation

Business Process ManagementForrester, Salvation Army, and AgilePoint CEO Jesse Shiah, conducted a Webinar entitled “How to Rescue Your Digital Transformation in 2018”.  The discussions revolved around the current trends of Business Process Management (BPM), or more recently referred to as Digital Process Automation (DPA) and/or Digital Transformation.  For years, the driving factors for process improvements have been to streamline processes and reduce costs.  These improvements were typically based on static workflows and assigned tasks. Today, there is a shift taking place and the importance of Digital Transformation is becoming a key factor.  This includes increased response times, improved end-to-end experience and continuous innovation. This, along with a low-code process integration platform like AgilePoint NX, can launch BPM to a new level. 


Changes in Methodologies

To accomplish this shift in philosophy, the traditional Waterfall approach of process development is now being augmented with a more Agile approach.  The Waterfall methodology is more of a linear approach while the Agile approach is a more iterative process, involving small teams that can work in parallel.  Using this approach allows for quicker delivery of more focused process implementations with an emphasis on customer experience (CX).  Low-code process integration platforms are vital to these types of projects. 


Deep vs. Wide processes

“Deep” processes typically use a more methodical approach at implementation.  They are more complex, require longer lead times, owned by IT or COE and are limited to only a few core processes.  This is the traditional approach to BPM and typically utilize the Waterfall methodology of implementation.  “Wide” processes are more focused on the customer experience (CX).  They are less complex, implemented quickly, owned by the business experts and can result in hundreds or even thousands of smaller applications.  This is the new approach of Digital Transformation and made possible by using low-code process platforms.


Digital Transformation

In a nutshell, Digital Transformation is the mechanism of using new technologies to improve business processes.  These improvements can range from advancements in customer experience, combining multiple resources as well as streamlining back-end operations to name a few.  There are many technologies that fit into this including, but not limited to:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Voice Recognition (Alexa, Cortana)
  • Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • BigQuery
  • Translations


The Salvation Army’s Digital Transformation Journey Had to be Fast, Easy and Future-proof. 

Salvation Army was looking for a low code platform that could help them migrate their Lotus notes databases and applications. Read more here by downloading our complete webinar synopsis. The results are amazing seeing the citizen developer build more applications than traditional developers. 

Download Webinar Recap: Rescuing Your Digital Transformation



Business Process Management or Automation has been around for years, but with these new innovative technologies, CPS and AgilePoint NX can take process automation to a new level, not only utilizing these new resources but also resulting in more predictive business processes.  Data in the form of unstructured text, voice and imagery can now be examined seamlessly, with little or no human interaction, and incorporated into any business process.  All of this can transform the way users operate on a day to day basis, not only with one another, but also with the resources and processes they interact with every day. CPS is excited to partner with AgilePoint in helping transform businesses into digital businesses. To learn more, contact us! 


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