Looking to the Future, Realizing Today...the Future State of Manufacturing

Looking to the Future, Realizing Today...the Future State of Manufacturing

CPS Manufacturing AnalyticsAs manufacturing continues to evolve, and client needs for fast efficient turnaround grow, it is pertinent to view the current state of your business operations. The manufacturing floor, shipping & receiving, engineering, purchasing, accounting, sales, and operations all working together to do one thing: “Get good products to the customer on time”.


Data Gathering, Analytics and Literacy

What was once relegated to mostly the financial sector, data’s power as a necessary and effective tool for decision making, has grown well beyond Wall Street. In the short turnaround, just-in-time world of manufacturing data is the best tool a company has to retain and grow its customer base. This takes place throughout manufacturing processes including:

  • Capacity
  • Customer compliance
  • Quality assurance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Sales and quoting
  • Supply chain

These processes surprisingly are still heavily manual and require repetitive, time draining actions that can have multiple failure modes adversely hindering operations. If companies look towards process automation and smart manufacturing, increases of 10-15% throughput in the following quarter are now the norm. To gain the edge that companies are looking for, digital process automation is the way to go.


Digital Process Automation

Systems can be automated beginning when a sales person submits a signed PO into the companies CRM. This allows capacity and scheduling to be reviewed, stock levels for materials to be checked and an RFQ for material and tooling to be created and sent to vendors…all AUTOMATICALLY. Permissions and approvals are no longer potentially lost in email chains or paper sign offs but reviewed real time in dashboards. Engineering change orders are executed and approved inside the parts studio. Work instructions are updated electronically and all parts are revision controlled. In process and final inspection now have digital forms that not only have the data collected in a clear legible format, but only have to be entered once. All storage and report generation is now automated to meet any customer or regulatory standard. Shipping departments receive electronic labeling containing clear, concise directions.


While all of this is happening AUTOMATICALLY, your company is gathering real time data and KPIs are illuminating where your processes have potential to continually improve.


Low Code, No Limits™ 

The above stated process flow is only one of the many that CPS can develop and implement at your company. We relish in helping companies become more efficient and focus on the work that makes profit. Eliminating redundant and outmoded paper driven processes that kill productivity and efficiency and lead to failure modes that kill throughput is the ultimate goal.


If you are readying your company’s next growth stage or are looking to make your operations more efficient, contact Clear Process Solutions today to take our digital transformation assessment. This will help highlight at least 3 areas where process automation can be implemented helping to improve your production and efficiency today, tomorrow, and for the future of all your company’s needs.


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