The Lean Engineering Paradigm Shift: Part 1 - An Historical Perspective

The Lean Engineering Paradigm Shift: Part 1 - An Historical Perspective

Appreciating the impact of the tectonic shift in product engineering technology.

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The Paradigm shifts in engineering technology matter.  Going back to the early 1980’s, we saw the first major leap forward when AutoCAD shifted us from designing products on paper to working on CAD, and then again in 1987 when Pro/ENGINEER came along with 3-D parametric solid modeling on Unix-Based CAD systems.  SolidWorks then entered the arena in the mid 90’s and disrupted the market, changing everything.  For the first time, SolidWorks provided the opportunity to have CAD on every Windows Desktop at lower prices for everything from software and hardware to services.  As a result, SolidWorks forced a market shift that disrupted a very innovative and time-constrained market. 


Today in 2018, the original SolidWorks founders are shifting that paradigm once again with Onshape, a Modern CAD platform that allows you to design anywhere, on any device, at any time.  To many in the manufacturing industry this change might seem like it’s quietly happening in the background. The impact it will have on product design processes - and ultimately on real business results - is nothing short of stunning.


Metrics like innovation quality, time-to-market and new product development (NPD) are critical in the product lifecycle, yet many would argue they haven’t dramatically improved in 25 plus years.  That makes the paradigm shift that Onshape now allows in CAD applications exceptionally important. What Modern CAD represents is a fresh start, a clean way of development– “Lean Engineering,” if you will.   


When thinking Lean Engineering, think:

  • Real-time collaboration where no files or check-in/out processes need to be managed
  • No required hardware or servers and no software installations, upgrades and testing with each release
  • Fast, agile teamwork and rapid product innovation.

It is not only possible but now currently available for those who are willing to look forward verses back. We all know that change can be tough, but often there’s just no other option.


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