The Lean Engineering Paradigm Shift: Part 4 - Onshape’s Technology Shift

The Lean Engineering Paradigm Shift: Part 4 - Onshape’s Technology Shift

Similar to the Impact of Google, Salesforce & Tesla

lean engineeringIn my view, Onshape, known as “Modern” or “Cloud” CAD, is on pace to be compared to the advent of the Internet, Google Search and the likes of Tesla when it comes to game-changing innovations. Today’s agility-minded companies are focusing on time-to-market, outpacing competitors who continue to rely upon on-premise software and old CAD processes.  Moving to a technology like Onshape facilitates the next evolution in how rapidly and effectively companies can innovate product design and improvement.  That is an important piece of the puzzle, the beginning of the cycle from ideation to creation.


Being the Founder of Clear Process Solutions (CPS) provides me a relevant, engineering-based reminder to believe in lean data, innovation, and to emphasize the importance of change. My team is consistently working to stay associative and relevantly valued-added to this paradigm shift in engineering innovation.


CPS is in the unique position to both help companies transition to Onshape, as well as to streamline Lean engineering / manufacturing and enterprise data to on-premise and Cloud systems such as ERP, CRM and PLM.   This connection of engineering activity to the production and delivery of products is a critical backbone of manufacturing.  The CPS Onshape ERPlinc solution is a low-cost, high-yield gift to addressing lean data information sharing from modern CAD with any ERP or PLM system.


Along with ERPlinc, CPS provides many relevant digital transformation solutions to today’s agile-minded consumer and is a market leader enriching business process workflow and dashboards for many of the largest companies in the world. We are called partners and process trusted advisors by Swagelok, Raytheon, Rockwell Automation, Moen, Carhartt, Pfizer, HDT, Cooper Tire, Flowserve, Kraft Heinz, Kichler Lighting, CREE, and many other firms around the world.  Although we started digitally automating process around any ERP, PLM system and certain SAP customers, our solutions benefit companies in any industry of any size in any geography. Our staff works from their home offices in every Continental US time zone, covering seven states.


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