The Lean Engineering Paradigm Shift: Part 5 - Advancing Innovation and Lean Data with Humanitarian Impacts

The Lean Engineering Paradigm Shift: Part 5 - Advancing Innovation and Lean Data with Humanitarian Impacts

The advent of LEANutopia innovation ideas and vision with humanitarian impacts

lean engineeringOne of the more important priorities we established during the first year of CPS was the formation of LEANutopia. The concept was around bringing executives together to explore digital transformation challenges, innovation demands and change management while also focusing on team-building and engaging in a spirited way to give something back.


The first event was held at Moen’s world headquarters and included executives from leading companies around the United States.  LEANutopia speakers shared real world process ideas, value stories, and technology and cultural bottlenecks.  The participants were treated to a team-building concept that culminated in artwork which still hangs in the halls and welcome areas of the Ronald McDonald House.

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LEANutopia in 2018 is being refreshed around Digital Process and Innovation ideologies, but still holds on to its roots that people, charities and change management is at the heart of rapid innovation.  The group is excited to expand the conversation to Lean Engineering and Modern CAD and to integrate these concepts within an impactful philanthropic endeavor. 


The next LEANutopia event is scheduled on September 20, 2018 at Glenmoor Country Club in Canton, Ohio and we are very excited to have leading innovators share process use cases, cultural approaches to change management, and advice around innovation.  

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It is an amazing and gratifying experience when business and personal worlds collide in a way that creates value beyond the bottom line of an organization. LEANutopia fosters ideas and openly shared concepts around innovation and teamwork.  In the end, as much as CPS is often the delivery arm of these amazing lean enablement solutions, LEANtuopia helps us get the word out in balanced and customer-oriented ways.


cps 5The team at CPS at our Delivery Summit where Matt Campana facilitated our team building program, assembling prosthetic hands for recipients in Honduras. Very gratifying for sure!

Philanthropically, CPS has again partnered with Matt Campana who helped us with the Ronald McDonald charities as part of LEANutopia’s kick off at Moen many years ago. This time it’s around Hands of Gratitude, where Matt’s team facilitates corporate team building efforts for recipients around the world in need of prosthetic hands. 


At LEANutopia in September 2018, we will showcase how we are engaging innovative technologies to configure improved prosthetic hands, integrate with ERP or PLM, drive all designed components to 3D printers, later assembled for delivery to adults and children in Honduras and around the world.


So, what is the connection?  If you think about the way needed prosthetics can be designed and delivered more efficiently all sorts of possibilities arise.  With Onshape, models can be created to meet the needs of recipients.  With 3D printers, the Onshape CAD model and corresponding data can be shared with printers in any location to output the components.


cps 6-575680-editedThere are hundreds of thousands of people in need of prosthetic devices.  In India alone, there are over 20,000 people PER YEAR who become amputees. Sometimes when you flip an idea that works in one aspect of life (business) and apply to another aspect of life (philanthropy), amazing things can happen.  In this case, Hands of Gratitude and CPS/Onshape took a basic 3D model for assembling and put a little twist on it to help people in need.


With a little creativity, just imagine what positive effects on the world the collaboration of technology and philanthropic efforts could cause. The opportunities are endless!


This is Part 5 of 5 in the Lean Engineering Paradigm Shift by Mark Orzen. Download the full white paper, The Lean Engineering Paradigm Shift, by clicking  below.

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