4 Value-Added Learning Platforms for Citizen Developers

4 Value-Added Learning Platforms for Citizen Developers

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So, your Company has started a Citizen Developer program and you have been selected/volunteered to be a part of this new avenue for internal program development. This is a burgeoning field that has come from increased cloud-based system solutions. These low code/no code platforms allow groups of engineers and non-engineers to create and deploy solutions that are customized for your company’s needs. Below are four great FREE platforms you can start learning on today!

1. 3D CAD

Everyone knows the established players when it comes to 3D CAD. They have been around for the last 20+ years. One of the defined problems that comes across on those platforms is that they are required to run on expensive engineering grade laptops or towers that need to be upgraded every 3 years. The licenses are cost prohibitive, the User Interface is overly complicated. If working in a company size platform, an additional PLM library system to store drawings and models shortly becomes cumbersome and problematic.

Enter Onshape, the only 100% 3D Cloud CAD platform. Benefits of using this platform are as follows:

  • Starting out you can use a free license to learn the platform along with referencing an online learning site that includes video tutorials, self-paced training modules, and technical briefings that are also free.

  • It is platform neutral in that you can import and export to a variety of other platforms so your partners in your supply chain can view it on their native platform. And you can control what level your partners have in editing, reviewing, and approving your designs without both parties having Onshape.

  • Onshape runs entirely in your browser so there is no need for expensive engineering PCs. Updates and collaboration happen real-time and from anywhere. There is no more checking-in and checking-out of files and weeks of re-work for crashes.

2. Data Analytics

To help adapt to the social distancing that has occurred from the COVID-19 outbreak, CPS is offering a multitude of free automation solutions to help overcome new challenges. Reach out to us to learn more!

The piece of the puzzle that can at times be the most frustrating for businesses to engage in is the coalition and outputting of meaningful analytics. Trying to grab certain metrics and data types from multiple platforms until recently was a heavy burden for IT.

Qlik is a data agnostic analytics tool that will help achieve real insight to all of your company’s data.

3. Manufacturing Applications

Tulip Interfaces, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) was created from the needs of the Manufacturing 4.0 community for a quick, reliable, low cost enabled solution. This platform gives manufacturers better tools and insight into their day-to-day operations.

  • Tulip is setting up free instances for companies to get setup and try out the platform for 30 days.

  • The Player is available for both Windows and Mac OS.

  • To get started on learning how to build no code apps (like this COVID-19 training course verification app), you can enroll in Tulip’s free online courses.

4. Process Platforms

Process platforms enable Citizen Developers to automate forms, workflows, mobile, integrations with line of business systems and much more without IT. We’ve seen Citizen Developers create 10 applications and double every year after that.

AgilePoint is a future-proof, low code platform for Citizen Developers to help automate all of your business processes.


These four areas are all great starting points for Citizen Developers. If you are looking for additional help in setting up your Citizen Developers program, maximizing the value of your platform or defining your roadmap for digital transformation, contact CPS.

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