July WebTips: Unlock Information on Two Exciting Features of Winshuttle Transaction & Studio 11!

July WebTips: Unlock Information on Two Exciting Features of Winshuttle Transaction & Studio 11!


Winshuttle TrainingTwo topics were covered in the July WebTips session: Custom Log Messages and Renew SAP Sessions with Winshuttle Transaction and Studio 11. This month’s session will help familiarize users of the Studio product and cover the different scenarios where these features can be used.

Custom Log Messages

This feature can be used when the message Studio users receive isn’t helpful, but are familiar with it because they’ve encountered it many times. In other words, when the user knows what the error is, it can be customized so they receive a relevant message back from SAP. In a two-step process, the message number is found and then the customized text can be applied. So next time the Winshuttle script is ran, the transformed message will appear instead of the message that wasn’t very clear or helpful.


Renew SAP Session

This function is helpful when the user is running a smaller quantity of scripts and an “if condition” isn’t necessary. This feature helps overcome the issue of how some transactions do not function the same after the first transaction is run in a session. Adding a value for the renew after “n” records property will cause Winshuttle to exit SAP after each transaction. The benefit to this is the program treats each row of data like the first transaction.

One drawback is that the user is being logged in and out of the SAP session in between each record. It’s simpler than using an “if condition” and if the user doesn’t have a huge file, they’re not going to notice a tremendous difference in performance. In certain cases, like if the user is running over a few hundred or thousands of scripts, taking the time to implement an “if condition” would still be recommended.

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