August WebTips: Winshuttle Studio Training – Validate before you Update!

August WebTips: Winshuttle Studio Training – Validate before you Update!

bigstock--215096059CPS has a new training video for all of you Winshuttlers. We’ve all made mistakes with mass data maintenance and many have learned some tips and tricks the hard way. Have no fear; there are some built in capabilities to help you with your SAP data governance while using Winshuttle Studio. The most recent CPS WebTips covers validation functionality – Specifically Required Fields, In List Validations and Transforms. 

  • Required Fields – Make is easy to use a new ribbon button to force an entry to a column where data is required. No value, No Runs for that Row!
  • Allowed Values Feature – limit what can be entered in a field (doesn’t limit excel cell entry, but will validate that whatever is typed in is contained in a list of allowable fields). Note a few differences between Connect users and Foundation users.
  • Add / Transform Functionality – enter a value in an Excel cell, use an Excel Rule to convert what was entered into a particular field by a user is converted to the desired value in another column. Make Winshuttle audit what has been entered.  Many use cases including making sure that dates are moved into SAP it its required format.  

Why read when you can watch – catch our demo and information for easy training tips. 

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