March WebTips Recap. Winshuttle Studio: Direct to SAP - What, Why and How!

March WebTips Recap. Winshuttle Studio: Direct to SAP - What, Why and How!

Winshuttle Studio Direct to SAPFamiliar with Winshuttle Studio Transactions and Queries? This Winshuttle WebTips episode will help explain how to use Studio Direct and get data from SAP. Direct is a third tool available in Studio that allows users to call SAP BAPIs and Remote Function Enabled programs. This can be a powerful tool for getting data from SAP or updating the system quickly and within the parameters SAP has designed.

SAP has written hundreds of BAPIs and you can access them from Winshuttle Studio using the Direct tool. This demonstration will show you how to do that from Winshuttle and how to tell, in SAP, if a program is enabled for remote calls.  By the end of the WebTips, you should be able to replicate the Direct call to SAP and get back basic material data. 


Use this basic understanding of the tool to begin exploring other BAPIs and what SAP has enabled users to do, easily, within SAP.

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