June WebTips: Learn About Excel Workflow Bigger & Better Winshuttle Version 11!

June WebTips: Learn About Excel Workflow Bigger & Better Winshuttle Version 11!

excel workflowMany companies have the need to route an Excel file for approval before posting to SAP.  A common use case would be for Journal Entry postings.  We all want that to be a streamlined process while maintaining proper history to support any audit requirements.


In older versions of Winshuttle, this feature was available, although it could not be routed around via a custom workflow.  It only allowed the datafile to be sent to an approver selected by the originator of the file.  With the new Excel Workflow option, you can now create custom workflows to be attached to a single script or multiple scripts for approval before processing the information into SAP.


The functionality allows you to build a workflow like is done for Composer forms and then select the custom workflow during the publishing of the script to Foundation. Through this process, the script is tied to the workflow and the workflow has to be completed/approved before the script can be used to post the data to SAP. 


The posting to SAP can be done manually through Studio (Runner) or using the Excel Add-in. You can also develop your workflow to use the AutoRun plug-in and process the approved data file on the SAP Integration server. 


To learn more, please view our WEBtips on this process. 

View the Learn About Excel Workflow WebTips Video


Need more information about how to roadmap your journey to Version 11 from a previous Winshuttle release?  We are here to help and have facilitated many migrations.  Contact us to hear about our “cookbook” for this process.


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