October WebTips Recap: Form Locking and Team Assignments in Winshuttle Composer

October WebTips Recap: Form Locking and Team Assignments in Winshuttle Composer

CPS Winshuttle WebTips Form LockingIn this Winshuttle WebTips episode, brought to you by Clear Process Solutions, we cover the various ways that a single person within a group can action a task without stepping on the toes / overwriting work of other users in the group.

This can be accomplished by:

  • Pre-Version 12

    • 2-step team assignment approach

      • Simplistic approach which requires two back to back task assignments and minimal setup

    • 1-step form locking approach

      • Only requires 1 task assignment, and offers more possibility in terms of functionality but takes quite a bit more setup

  • Version 12

    • All of the above still work!

    • Out of the box Winshuttle form locking functionality

      • Very similar to the 1-step form locking approach, with much less setup 

Watch the entire WebTips session focusing on tips & tricks on form locking and team assignments in Winshuttle Composer below:


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