December WebTips Recap: Creating Basic JavaScript Functions

December WebTips Recap: Creating Basic JavaScript Functions

ColorsIn this Winshuttle WebTips episode, brought to you by Clear Process Solutions, we will review how to create basic JavaScript functions in Winshuttle Composer.

1. Demonstrate the rule wizard and how to view rule JavaScript code

  • I showed the rule wizard in Composer and all the various actions and functions that can be used to generate JavaScript code.
  • I showed how creating a condition in the rule wizard will create an IF statement in JavaScript code. 
  • I showed how to see the JavaScript code behind the rules created in the Composer rule wizard.

2. Create a JavaScript function using the rule wizard 

  • I showed how to write some pseudo code to get an outline for the function you want to build.
  • I showed how to create a rule using the rule wizard, view the code behind the rule and copy and paste that code into a JavaScript function.
  • I showed how to call the function from a custom rule in the form.

3. Show JavaScript resources

  • I showed Notepad ++ which is a free code editor. This is very useful because you can set it to the language for which you’re coding, and it will simulate the syntax of that language.
  • I showed how to search in Google for ways to code pieces of your function that cannot be created using the rule wizard.

4. Demonstrate how to test code in a form

  • I showed how we can copy the code we’ve created in Composer and paste it into the debug window of our browser by pressing the F12 key. This allows us to test the code without going through the deploy process which can be time consuming, especially if the code isn’t working yet.

Watch the entire WebTips session focusing on tips & tricks for creating basic JavaScript functions below:


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