September WebTips Recap: Journal Entry Transactions in Winshuttle Studio

September WebTips Recap: Journal Entry Transactions in Winshuttle Studio

Winshuttle WebTips Journal Entries in StudioIn this Winshuttle WebTips episode, brought to you by Clear Process Solutions, we will be providing a hands-on demonstration of some tips, techniques, and ideas on how to record, map and test multiple journal entry transactions.

The demonstration includes:

  • Recording Winshuttle Script for journal entry transaction

    • Discussion of using alternate transactions that may be easier for script development than the standard transaction used in SAP.
    • Items: Grid vs. one item per screen transactions
    • May need to record a separate transaction for parking than the posting script. (examples in demo are FBS1 and FB01)
  • Mapping Fields in Winshuttle Studio

    • Adding fields not used in recording
    • Creating a Loop to handle the detail
    • Copying mapped fields & screens
  • Running/Testing

    • Can use same template for multiple scripts, if field mapping matches
    • Settings in “Editing Options” in SAP may affect the script:
      • Do not copy tax code (probably want to have users check this)
      • No company code proposal (checked)
      • Line layouts (must include fields used in script)

Watch the entire WebTips session focusing on tips & tricks on journal entry transactions in Winshuttle Studio below:

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