WebTips Video - Winshuttle Script Linking 

WebTips Video - Winshuttle Script Linking 

winshuttle script linkingSAP Users!  Did you know you can do more sophisticated Master Data Maintenance by chaining Winshuttle Scripts?

Take your mass data maintenance activities to the next level by learning how to connect scripts for more sophisticated use cases.  CPS’s Jason King demonstrates how to do the following in one process and automate faster!  What he’s doing? Referencing ME11, ME01 and ME02 and with a scripting chain that executes in one step and in mass:

  • Create Purchase Information Record
  • Update Source List
  • Update Material Master

Content in this WebTips training video will help give useful tips and tricks for both Winshuttle versions 10x an 11x.  You will learn how to prepare to build the automated solution, see how it works in both versions of Winshuttle Studio. 


Why is this cool?  Chaining scripts effectively allows you to build a master data “app” without programming!  Multiple SAP t-codes can be updated in a single Winshuttle run while simplifying your data source for common fields across the process.  Leveraging Excel IF Conditions can allow developers to handle business rules and dependencies with familiar technology (no code!).

Don’t forget to plan for all scenarios.  What happens if records fail?  How does that impact your entire chain of transactional activity?   

This video can help you begin using Winshuttle in a new way.  The CPS experts are here to help, content in this WebTips session is frequently requested via CPS SolutionCARE (our monthly support offering).


View the Winshuttle Script Linking WebTips Video


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