CPS WebTips: Winshuttle Composer-Wizard Rules vs. Custom Rules

CPS WebTips: Winshuttle Composer-Wizard Rules vs. Custom Rules

Winshuttle Composer Wizard Rules vs Custom RulesIn this CPS WebTips session you'll learn about things to consider when it comes to wizard rules vs. custom rules in Composer. The video will demonstrate which rules are easy to configure, prone to less errors, simpler to understand, limited to JavaScript knowledge and how to add lines for debugging. 

Wizard Rules

  • Wizard rules are setup via Winshuttle’s wizard by clicking ‘add rule’.
  • Because the wizard walks the developer through the complex steps, they are easy to configure with powerful built-in functionality.
  • Rules created using the wizard are less likely to have errors or cause problems.

Custom Rules

  • Custom rules are created without the assistance of the wizard.
  • They consist of custom JavaScript code. Developers can make them as complex and as powerful as the code they are able to write.
  • Because they can do anything, there is potential for problems. Custom code might contain errors, point to the wrong fields, or do the wrong things which cause testing problems for the developer.
  • Developers can reduce problems by writing function calls on the field rules and adding the function to the ‘JavaScript’ portion of the ‘Solution’ tab.
  • Good code writing includes using comments, aligning columns, and minimizing the number of lines of code.
  • Add the word “debugger;” to be able to debug custom code.

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