CPS WebTips: Adding & Consuming a Web Service in Winshuttle Evolve

CPS WebTips: Adding & Consuming a Web Service in Winshuttle Evolve

CPS Winshuttle Evolve Web ServiceCPS is the largest Winshuttle professional services team in North America. Our team has helped companies migrate their form & workflow solutions to Evolve and releases videos on a regular basis containing tips & tricks for Winshuttle users. In this CPS WebTips session, you'll learn about adding and consuming a web service in Winshuttle Evolve.

How to add a SOAP Web Service to the Evolve platform:

  • In the previous Winshuttle Foundation platform you just added the SOAP web service to the Composer solution and started using it.
  • In Evolve you have two options for adding a SOAP web service to Evolve.
    • Option One: Global scoped web service.
    • Option Two: Application scoped web service.
  • To perform this Global add, you navigate to the “Administration” application in Evolve and choose the “Connections” side link. Then you can choose the “External Web Services” tab at the top of the page. Then click “Add” to enter the web service information and WSDL URL. If you are adding the web service to an application scoped location, then you must navigate to the application and perform the same steps there.

How to add a REST Web API to the Evolve platform and consume in an Evolve solution.

  • In the previous Winshuttle Foundation platform as well as Evolve platforms 20.0 and 20.1, you could not use REST based API’s.
  • Evolve 20.2 is the first version of Winshuttle Evolve with that functionality added.
  • Just like SOAP web services you start by adding either the Global or App Level web service to Evolve.
  • Adding the REST API to the solution is different than adding the SOAP web service.
  • Within the solution add a new “Data Connection” from the Solution Designer. Then choose the “Type” – “Rest Api” and proceed to fill in all the input and output data.
  • Then right-click on the new API connection and create the field mappings.

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