CPS WebTips: Using a SharePoint List for Dropdown Values in Winshuttle

CPS WebTips: Using a SharePoint List for Dropdown Values in Winshuttle

Winshuttle Forms and Workflows - SharePoint List for Dropdown Values (2)In this CPS WebTips session you'll learn how Winshuttle Forms & Workflow can use a SharePoint list as a source of values in a dropdown field vs. hard-coding the values for the dropdown field. You can also create your lists in Excel and import them into SharePoint vs. creating them manually in SharePoint.

Best time to use a SharePoint List for dropdown values:

  • When you have more than 5-10 values in a dropdown list
  • When the dropdown values may need to change (adding, removing, replacing)
  • When the dropdown values are dependent on another form field
    • Example: State dropdown is dependent on Country dropdown value

Steps for creating your SharePoint List:

  • Have the columns/column headings created in your Excel document (Tip: Do not put spaces in column headings – use underscores instead)
  • Add your dropdown value data to the Excel file and Save
  • Close the Excel file
  • Open Foundation and navigate to where your solutions are being developed and saved
  • Click on “Lists” on the left navigation
  • Click on “Add an App” icon
  • Scroll to the bottom and search for “Import from Excel” button (you may have to page over if it’s not on the first page).
    • Give the list a title with your appropriate naming convention
    • Give the list a description
    • Browse for the Excel document you created that has the columns and values
    • Select Range of Cells in the dropdown and select all cells in the next dropdown of the data you want imported into the SharePoint list
    • Once the list is created, verify it looks good in SharePoint
  • Go back to your solution and rt-click on Data Connections -> Click Add a Data Connection and find your SharePoint list you just created
  • Now you can go back to the Forms tab and click on 3 dots by Range under Properties for the dropdown field
    • Click Data Connection radio button at the top
    • Select your data connection you just added from the dropdown
    • Select your display field from your SharePoint List (what you want the user to see)
    • Select the value you want loaded
    • Add a filter if the dropdown is dependent on another form field or to narrow the list down
  • Save and Deploy the solution and dropdowns should be the same as the SharePoint list

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