CPS WebTips: Tips and Tricks to Debugging Winshuttle Scripts

CPS WebTips: Tips and Tricks to Debugging Winshuttle Scripts

CPS Winshuttle Debugging ScriptsAs a developer of Winshuttle scripts, we have found that the more you work with the tool the easier it is to debug script issues. In this video, we show you how to step through the debugging tool to locate different issues that could occur when developing a script.  CPS WebTips overview: 

  • Debugging a script as a developer 
  • Missing screens in script 
  • Runtime error RAISE_EXCEPTION 
  • OneDrive and Office Production 

One of the most common errors is “No batch input” which can appear for the following reasons: 

1. Pop up Screen 

If the script encounters an SAP screen it either does not have any information or did not expect it at that point in the run. 

Example: It indicates that a popup or dialog box came up during execution and so the script has gotten off track. 

2. New Screen 

If a new screen is popping up for the current record that did not exist for the record that was recorded (different screen flows for different data). 

Example: If we populate a field on one screen for a particular data/record, a new screen might appear with fields that must be filled. As this new screen sequence was not recorded, the script returns the error. 

3.  Missing / Skipped Screen 

If the script has a screen recorded that does not appear for certain data. 

Example: The recording is done with a set of screen flows--but for particular data, one of the screens is not displayed by SAP. The script will navigate through that screen, which is not actually displayed by SAP, and return the error. 

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