March WebTips: What's in a Name? Winshuttle Composer Naming Conventions

March WebTips: What's in a Name? Winshuttle Composer Naming Conventions

Winshuttle Composer Naming Conventons

When developing Winshuttle Composer solutions there are some “gotchas” when it comes to naming conventions within: The Composer tool itself, the related Winshuttle scripts when interacting with SAP, and the related SharePoint structures. Composer is a very powerful workflow automation tool, but there are so many options, and methodology is important.

A key best practice for developing is to keep naming conventions consistent and understandable across all solutions. Tim Dempsey from CPS has recorded a great WebTips session, now available for viewing, which covers best practices in developing Composer solutions. Keep naming conventions standard by ensuring these key attributes are present:

  • Readable – If another developer picked up a solution, will they understand it?
  • Scalable – If solution-specific widgets are built into Process BI dashboarding for Winshuttle, is it easy to identify what the data is and confirm the right information is being consumed and presented? How about integrating across systems? The data needs to be easily identifiable.
  • Maintainable - Business rules can and will change over time, and we want the solutions to adapt easily. Designing and building Winshuttle Composer solutions to not only be maintainable by business users, but it's also important that they remain easy to maintain even if more technical modifications are required. Not only will process automation stay relevant this way, the total cost of ownership will go down by employing best practices.

When processes are automated with webforms and workflow, tremendous value is introduced for proactive data maintenance, streamlining work, removing non-value-added tasks, and providing visibility and auditability. The tips and tricks found in this recorded WebTips session will help you keep your company in efficiency mode!  The CPS experts are here to help. Content in this Winshuttle training (WebTips) session is frequently requested via CPS SolutionCARE (our monthly support offering).

View the Naming Conventions WebTips Video



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