Whiskey and Manufacturing. The Perfect Pairing.

Whiskey and Manufacturing. The Perfect Pairing.

Tulip Road Show Group PicMany would say that mixing whiskey and manufacturing would not be a good idea, and most of the time you would be correct. However, on June 20th of this year it was a great idea, as whiskey and manufacturing converged at an event hosted by Clear Process Solutions with our partner Tulip, held at Cleveland Whiskey and MAGNET. Truly one of our local gems, Cleveland Whiskey has been named “Whiskey Distillery Innovator of the Year,” and has won more than 60 medals at competitions around the world. Tulip, an innovative manufacturing application platform, has also had its share of awards and accolades, being named as one of the most “promising technology pioneers” by the World Economic Forum. MAGNET, The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network, helps Northeast Ohio manufacturing businesses grow, compete and achieve excellence in products and processes.


Tulip Road Show DemoProfessionals at the event ranged from companies that manufacture medical devices, industrial components, machine design, valves to commercial lighting. From different industries but with one question in common: What is the best way to digitize the shop floor and achieve the promises of Industry 4.0?

So, in the midst of some whiskey tasting, a tour of the distilling process, and good food and networking, many in attendance were able to get a “hands-on” look at the Tulip application with an example of visual work instructions to build a mason jar radio. 


Tulip Road Show Whiskey TourAttendees walked away from the event energized by the fact there are technologies that help them put the solutions back into the hands of those closest to the problem on the shop floor. This is achieved through a low/no-code Application Platform as a Service (APaaS) that helps you develop visual work instructions, training, machine monitoring, audit and quality apps for lean manufacturing initiatives. Partnering Tulip and ERPlinc by CPS can seamlessly integrate the shop floor with ERP, PLM, CRM and MES systems resulting in a truly agile process & future-proof data for any manufacturing organization.


Imagine building manufacturing apps with ease, collecting actionable insights from your operations, and connecting your devices through plug and play IoT, all while sipping on award-winning whiskey…that is what you would have experienced at our event.   


Keep an eye out for the next event, but in the meantime, learn more about CPS and the Tulip manufacturing platform or reach out to us to discuss your Digital Process Transformation journey.


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