Why Low-Code is the Secret and How AgilePoint Can Help Spill the Beans.

Why Low-Code is the Secret and How AgilePoint Can Help Spill the Beans.

AgilePoint CPS Future Proof WorkflowAgilePoint NX is the next generation of low-code to no-code digital transformation platform for businesses. Along with CPS’s Process BI (view short video here), its powerful eForm and workflow app builder will set your company apart from your competitors. Think FAST, EASY, FUTURE-PROOF. What exactly does “future-proof” mean? In short, as new technology emerges into the market, your applications will not have to be refactored or rebuilt. See why “John Smith”, Director Global Technology of Tax Transformation at a brand-name retailer believes AgilePoint is the way to go when revamping the enterprise’s entire tax function:


Based upon Smith’s experience with low-code platforms at his previous employer, he quickly realized the technology would be a vast improvement over what the retailer’s tax department had in place. “For example, we had a monster application the IT department built on IBM BPM,” Smith said. “Building it took over a year.”


He evaluated several low-code platforms and selected AgilePoint. “I interviewed the usual suspects, but I wasn’t satisfied. That led me to AgilePoint,” he said. “The IBM BPM application had only a slice of the functionality of the application developers built on AgilePoint in four days.”


Low-code platforms like AgilePoint, Appian, and the others center on empowering and streamlining the work of professional developers, enabling them to customize applications quickly. “The apps are very customizable. To the end-user it’ll look like [one of our apps],” Smith explained. “From the accountant to the senior executive – you’ll be in AgilePoint every day and you won’t even know it.”

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Unclear on your company’s digital transformation roadmap? CPS can help. Our professional services team are experts in business process automation and integration. The team has put into production over 500+ workflow solutions that have integrated with hundreds of business systems. We have a rigorous design process that will make your digital business process transformation a success. It's time to transform your business into a digital business. 


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