Back to School, Back to Basics: Finance Automation & Capital Expenditure Requests

Back to School, Back to Basics: Finance Automation & Capital Expenditure Requests

CPS Moen Automate Winshuttle Financial ProcessesWith the school year upon us bringing a new beginning to students and teachers, the CPS team has been thinking about our company’s beginning. In 2013 we started working with Moen Incorporated, an SAP customer and the number one faucet brand in North America. The company had a paper-based approval system for their capital expense request (CER) which created inefficiency and uncertainty. Manual routing meant that a request could be stalled or misplaced which would leave those on the approval chain (roughly 300 people!) completely unaware of the request. CPS helped Moen automate their capital expenditure request process which generated such a success story… they were on the cover of SAP Insider!

Since inception of the company in 1939, Moen was always launching new products. From concept to market, this would entail numerous capital requests that first had to be submitted for approval and eventually recorded into Moen’s SAP ERP transactional system of record. To initiate a capital expense request required a form to:

  • Be submitted on paper
  • Follow a global manual routing process through the corporate office
  • Get sent from inbox to inbox (up to 300 inboxes!) for the proper supporting documentation and approvals

The exact route differed based on a number of factors such as department of origin, type and amount requested, and level of approval needed.

Working with Clear Process Solutions, Moen decided to purchase and implement Winshuttle’s workflow solutions. This resulted in automating the manual routing, paper-based capital expense request process with a workflow application that integrated with SAP ERP and Microsoft SharePoint.


“The combination of Winshuttle and SharePoint provided a workflow platform that is fast to deploy and easy to use — all while integrating with our SAP system. Clear Process Solutions enabled the CER process rapidly and provided outstanding support through the project deployment.”

Benefits in time and effort saved were made clear as soon as the first capital expense request on Winshuttle went through the approval process. Before automation, the CER process would take anywhere from four to 10 business days, depending on the number of approvers. Now, even complex and high-profile CERs can be through the process in one or two business days. And from a program administration standpoint, Moen now has complete visibility into the CER process.



Learn more about Moen’s automation success story in this SAP Insider article.

CPS Moen Automating Winshuttle Financial ProcessesCapital Request Processes Now Flow as Smoothly as Water from a New Faucet


Interested in learning more about this topic? CPS hosted a webinar on automating Winshuttle financial processes.

  • Learn how to automate your financial processes from industry experts
  • See a demo of a capital expenditure request form and workflow
  • Discuss the benefits of automation and simplicity of auditing your capital expenditure process
  • Ask questions to business process automation and Winshuttle experts

Watch the On-Demand Webinar


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