Webinar On-Demand: Winshuttle Foundation to Evolve Migration

Webinar On-Demand: Winshuttle Foundation to Evolve Migration

Winshuttle Evolve CPSDuring this webinar on-demand, learn from the largest Winshuttle professional services team in North America on what it takes to migrate from Winshuttle Foundation to Evolve. You'll gain a better understanding of the challenges and costs of going from Foundation 11 to Evolve vs. Foundation 12. The webinar also covers migrating existing forms and workflows to a new platform and how to start that process.

The Story: Beginning & Struggle

Hear a story about a Winshuttle customer with SAP that has multiple Winshuttle scripts pulling data in and out of SAP. They also use forms and workflows to automate some of their business processes. To date, they have 10 form and workflow solutions and 50 Winshuttle scripts. Initially they focused their automation around materials but have started to focus recent efforts on customer and vendor. Their current Winshuttle environment is on Foundation 11 and they need to make a decision on going to Foundation 12 or Evolve. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of both.


Migrating to Winshuttle Foundation 12

Advantages Disadvantages
1. Less testing of form and workflow solutions 1. Paying Microsoft for on-prem SharePoint environment
2. Less change management throughout the organization 2. Difficult upgrades and support due to SharePoint connection
3. Included in Winshuttle maintenance  



Migrating to Winshuttle Evolve

Advantages Disadvantages
1. Break dependency of SharePoint 1. Cost to switch from Foundation to Evolve's new platform
2. Winshuttle platform easier to support & integrate with SAP 2. Need to migrate all solutions to new platform (lift & shift)
3. Allows re-engineering of older form & workflow solutions 3. Testing validation that solutions were migrated successfully


After reviewing all the advantages and disadvantages for each option, the customer decided to move forward with migrating to Evolve. However, they struggled to fully understand what that means...


The Story: Tipping Point & New Beginning

Migrating to Evolve will take time because it's a manual process. CPS has developed a free tool to analyze your migration effort to Evolve.

Evolve is Winshuttle's new platform and it stands to reason that this is where most of Winshuttle's time and attention will be spent when it comes to enhancements. Migrating to Evolve gives your company the option of moving off SharePoint on-prem which is no longer free starting with SharePoint 2016. On this webinar gain an in-depth understanding, from a Senior Process Developer with 15+ years SAP & Winshuttle experience, of the key things that will need to be addressed during the migration.


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