Winshuttle WebTips: Winshuttle Composer Landing Page Solutions

Winshuttle WebTips: Winshuttle Composer Landing Page Solutions

Winshuttle CPS WebTips December 2020Learn from the largest Winshuttle professional services team in North America during our complimentary monthly WebTips training sessions. In this Winshuttle WebTips episode, brought to you by Clear Process Solutions, we cover the topic of building landing page solutions which act as a cockpit to launch other forms and workflows. This approach helps to break larger functionality, particularly when interfacing with SAP, into more digestible chunks that are not only more user friendly, but also more maintainable.

Set-up of a landing page solution is quite simple and requires the following:

1. Basic Winshuttle solution which contains data shared across all solutions being launched
2. SharePoint list to contain variables for link generation
3. Less than 10 lines of JavaScript code for launching new solutions


Watch the entire WebTips session focusing on landing page solutions in Composer here:


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