Winshuttle WebTips: Intro to Evolve

Winshuttle WebTips: Intro to Evolve

Winshuttle Evolve CPS WebTipsLearn from the largest Winshuttle professional services team in North America during our complimentary monthly WebTips training sessions. In this episode, brought to you by Clear Process Solutions, you'll gain an understanding of Winshuttle's new platform, Evolve.

Evolve Overview

The biggest and most important change from Foundation to Evolve is that Evolve does not run on the SharePoint platform. In fact, there is no need for an on-premise SharePoint environment anymore. This is a huge benefit for customers who need to get off the on-prem instance of SharePoint as their company moves to Office 365. 

  • Evolve is the new platform from Winshuttle. It combines the entire Winshuttle suite of products into one environment.
  • What was once called Central, and later Foundation User Governance, is now called Studio Manager.
  • Composer is still the Form and Workflow development tool; however, it’s now available within the Evolve environment, so no need to navigate to a different URL to develop forms and workflow.
  • The Studio desktop application is largely unchanged from version 12.1 of Foundation.
  • Evolve is much faster than Foundation and offers a more centralized place for all Winshuttle related tools and data.
  • It’s important to understand that upgrading beyond SharePoint 2013 will result in additional license fees from Microsoft due to Microsoft depreciating the free version of SharePoint starting with SharePoint 2016.

The biggest difference between Foundation and Evolve is the underlying platform. Evolve is a proprietary platform designed by Winshuttle. This new platform does not utilize SharePoint in anyway and is therefore no longer reliant on SharePoint. That’s a good thing because Winshuttle now has full control of every aspect of their applications and changes in SharePoint will no longer affect the Winshuttle suite of tools.


In today's WebTips session we're going to focus on SharePoint Lists which are now called Reference Data Lists (RDLs).

How do we convert a SharePoint List to a Reference Data List? How do we create an RDL? How do we maintain RDLs? Reference Data Lists

  • Converting a SharePoint List to RDL is easiest if you export the SharePoint List data to Excel from Internet Explorer.
  • You can use the exported Excel file to create the RDL in Evolve.
  • There are three ways to create an RDL in Evolve:
    1. Manually
    2. Via Studio by way of a Winshuttle Query script
    3. Via an Excel spreadsheet
  • There are two ways to maintain RDLs in Evolve:
    1. Manually by adding or updating one record at a time.
    2. In mass via an Excel template and the Studio-Addin for Excel.
    You can use one method or the other for a given RDL, not both.
  • Winshuttle has a migration utility coming out soon that will work with Evolve 20.1 and later. If you convert a SharePoint List to an RDL using that tool, you will be forced to maintain the RDL using the one record at a time method. CPS recommends converting the SharePoint Lists to RDLs manually before using the migration tool. You can then point to the RDLs you created when running the migration tool.

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