What is BPA and RPA?

    Business Process Automation (BPA) combines enterprise workflow and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to provide streamlined business processes. Combining these two technologies allows you to have visibility into your business, integrate your systems, automate your processes and eliminate non-value, repetitive tasks to be more efficient.


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    BPA / RPA Strategic Roadmap

    Building your roadmap before beginning your Business Process Automation (BPA) or Robotic Process Automation (RPA) journey is imperative to the success of these initiatives.  Knowing why you're automating and the expected results are pivotal in knowing where you are going.  Learn how CPS can help build your BPA or RPA roadmap through our proprietary Strategy; Insights; Needs; Culture (SINC) interview process.  


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    BPA / RPA Governance

    Governance is the foundation to managing your BPA or RPA initiatives.  Setting up a proper governance program that encompasses architecture, best practices, policies & procedures, roles & responsibilities, security and more are crucial to maintaining a successful BPA and RPA program.  Learn from CPS how we can get your BPA or RPA program up and running.


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    Department Automation

    Department automation is about letting each department automate what is important to them.  Every department has their own priority list of what is important and what they feel is non-value added work.  Department automation has the focus on the department vs. enterprise-wide initiatives that may span multiple departments.  Learn from CPS how you can automate your non-value added tasks or gain visibility into critical department processes.   


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    Enterprise Automation

    Enterprise automation is around enterprise processes that fall into quote to order, order to cash, procure to pay, hire to retire or record to report.  These automations typically are driven from strategic initiatives such as getting products to market faster, customer or employee satisfaction, improving cost or visibility, etc.  Learn from CPS how we've helped enterprises automate some of their most critical business processes for top-line growth or bottom-line profits.  


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    System Integration

    System integration is important to reducing data entry, establishing a single source of truth and to leverage your core line of business (LOB) systems.  We've integrated with many systems through application program interfaces, import and export of files or leveraging RPA robots and the user interface of your system.  Learn from CPS how we can help integrate your LOB systems into your business processes.  


    Business Process Automation Use Cases


    • Capital Expenditure Request
    • Credit Memo Request
    • Contract Approval
    • Invoice Automation
    • Intercompany Billing
    • Journal Entry Automation
    • PO Request


    • BOM Create/Change
    • Engineer Change Request
    • Finished Goods Create/Change
    • New Product Development Automation
    • Quality/Defect Tracking
    • Raw Material Create/Change
    • Semi-Finished Goods Create/Change


    • Commission Payments
    • Customer/Vendor Create/Change
    • Purchasing Information Record Create/Change
    • Request for Quote
    • Return Material Authorization (RMA)
    • Sales Order Create/Change
    • Source List Create/Change


    Business Process Automation Results

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