Who can become a citizen developer?


    Citizen Developer CPS 1

    Business User

    Business users are continuing to push innovation and automation.  This is not always aligned to IT capacity.  In order to meet strategic goals and objectives, business users need tools governed by IT that allow them to be the innovators and automation experts.


    Citizen Developer CPS 2

    Business Analyst

    Business analysts are experts of understanding the business requirement.  They translate these requirements into functional specifications so that IT can create applications.  By allowing the business analyst to create the application you will be decreasing the time to value.


    Citizen Developer CPS 3

    Information Technology (IT)

    The IT department has always been asked to do more with less.  This is not something new, just something they’ve lived with.  Enabling non-programmers on the IT staff to automate and innovate with digital transformation platforms (DTP) will increase capacity and knowledge in the IT department. 


    Citizen Developer Applications


    • AP/AR Automation
    • Capital Expenditure Request
    • Credit Memo Request
    • FP&A Dashboards
    • Journal Entry Automation
    • Operations Dashboard
    • PO Request


    • BOM Create/Change
    • Digitizing Work Instructions
    • Finished Goods Create/Change
    • IoT Enablement​
    • New Product Development (NPD) Automation
    • Raw Material Create/Change
    • Semi-Finished Goods Create/Change


    • Commission Payments
    • Customer Create/Change
    • Customer Dashboards
    • Request for Quote
    • Sales Order Create/Change
    • Vendor Create/Change
    • Vendor Dashboards


    Citizen Developer Training Program

    The CPS Citizen Developer Training Program is a powerful asset in the digital evolution of your business. The program provides training for your internal resources to allow your organization to automate at scale. Your citizen developers will learn how to use digital transformation platforms in the following training areas:

    Analysis / Design

    • Current State Analysis
    • Project Scoping
    • Requirement Gathering
    • Process Mapping

    Application Development / Testing

    • Rapid Prototyping
    • User Interface Development
    • Business Rules / Integrations
    • Unit / End to End Testing 

    Deployment / Support

    • Checklist / Deployment Guide
    • Documentation 
    • Post Deployment Application Support
    • Evaluate Success Criteria / ROI


    Citizen Developer Results

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