Why We Offer Training

Your SAP ensures all of your enterprise data is centralized for the benefit of the entire organization. Winshuttle gives you the tools to make your data flow optimally from the applications you use everyday. But, learning to use those tools effectively can be daunting. While Winshuttle offers a vast DIY learning library, most organizations want dedicated training that is customized to the needs of the business. That's where we come in. 

What Makes Our Training Different

The key to our training programs lies in our customization and our trainers themselves.

We can conduct training on any class offered by Winshuttle, but our trainers allot time for tailored exercises for client use cases and can extend to workshops that are capitalized with deployments of new solutions. 

Our trainers are hand picked for the sessions based on client needs, SAP functional area to be focused on, and type of technology being reviewed.

Our trainers are made up of:

  • Industry experienced SAP data management and process owners
  • Composer experienced personnel, including Winshuttle Workflow Architects who have used the products
  • Former Winshuttle Product Development employees that helped build the very software they're teaching you to use

Challenges We Can Help You Overcome

  • Time Zones! 
    Trainees are not only across North America, but across the globe working remotely. It is not always feasible to bring everyone to one spot. The CPS team can work with you to structure web meeting based sessions that fit with various time zones.
  • Point Skills Required! 
    As Winshuttle adoption expands, client employee skills can grow beyond what is covered in a class. Sometimes a more tailored approach is required to help internal developers achieve more sophisticated results. Via CPS SolutionCARE, a coaching plan can be put in place to evolve solutions, conduct pointed one-on-one short burst training sessions, and transfer knowledge about best practices and methodology.
  • Refreshers Needed! 
    The Winshuttle software is ever evolving with new features and functionality. Perhaps your organization has been using the software for years, but needs a skill set update for new employees or for new release features. CPS is the only organization in North America conducting regional training classes which can bring many organizations together for refreshers. Ultimately, this is a more economical approach for companies which do not have large groups of trainees at a given time.

If you're interested in learning more about our training, contact us.


Training Option Example

Take a look below at one of the training options we offer, to get an idea of what our programs look like.

Mass Data Maintenance

To immediately gain value from the investment in Winshuttle, training can ensue to arm end users with the capabilities to write and execute mass data maintenance scripts.  The only precursor to launching data cleansing and management efforts beyond training is the enablement of certain components of the infrastructure load and that effort can be fast tracked.

Training Class 1 – Desktop Training - Beginning

  • 2 day class, onsite preferred
  • Up to 12 class participants. Temporary licenses can be secured if training attendees exceed available licensing
  • Exercises are configured for your SAP environment so example scripts build during exercises are usable going forward
  • Agenda includes:
    • Building basic Query Scripts
    • Building basic Transaction Scripts
    • Overview of License and Script Administration
    • Instructions for Script Runners
  • Historically clients have been able to put the beginning training into action immediately and start developing scripts internally.  A second class is available, however, to support more advance learning.

Training Class 2 – Desktop Training - Advanced

  • 2 day class, onsite preferred
  • Up to 12 class participants
  • Some hands on experience with the tool encouraged prior to scheduling
  • Exercises are configured for your SAP environment so example scripts build during exercises are usable going forward
  • Agenda includes:
    • Looping Techniques for Transaction Scripts with exercises including
      • BOM Creation
      • Updating Vendors
      • Creating Purchase Orders
    • In Script Validation
      • Skip Transaction if Empty  To make a field in SAP that is not required, required by the process
      • Validate by List  To limit the number of options available for a field in SAP to a smaller list valid for the process
    • Attaching Documents to Scripts
    • Linking Scripts
    • And much more