What is Data and Analytics?

    Data is everywhere and being generated exponentially every day. Getting the most meaningful data to the right people quickly to make the best decisions is a competitive advantage.


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    Data and Analytics Strategic Roadmap

    Building your roadmap before beginning your data and analytics journey is imperative to the success of these initiatives.  Not having a clear path to results and organizational alignment can lead to unsuccessful execution and unsatisfactory outcomes.  Learn how CPS can help build your data and analytics roadmap through our proprietary Strategy; Insights; Needs; Culture (SINC) interview process. 



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    Data Governance

    The ultimate goal of data governance is to generate the greatest possible return on data assets.  Data governance is a crucial requirement for success if an organization wants to achieve master data management, derive insights from their data and improve data quality.  An effective program requires people, processes and policies with a clear way to measure success.  Learn from CPS how we can help start or improve your data governance program.


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    Data Pipeline Automation

    Data is all over an organization in many different systems.  Traditionally, data movement has required many lines of code, many hours of maintenance and employees' time and effort to get data where it needs to be (data warehouse, data lake, etc.).  There are now technologies to drastically reduce the resources needed to get data to its final destination in an actionable state.  Learn how you can leverage low code platforms to make your data pipeline more efficient.


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    Data Warehousing

    Integrating and accessing your data in one location is key to creating reproducible insight and a "single source of truth".  By leveraging data pipeline technology, you can create a low maintenance, scalable data warehouse.  Being able to get quality data to the person who needs it in a timely manner has become an advantage for many organizations.  Learn how CPS can implement a cloud-based, powerful data warehouse.


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    Business Intelligence and Visualization

    Business intelligence is the foundation with which decisions should be made. Insights and analytics are derived from understanding connections in the data, trends and "why" something is happening.  Static reports and 'data dumps' slow down and impede the decision making and insight uncovering process.  Learn how CPS can help you leverage your data in a meaningful way to drive intelligent business decisions.


    Data and Analytics Use Cases


    • Cashflow Analysis
    • Financial Analysis
    • Historical Trend Analysis
    • Tax Analysis


    • Labor/Workforce Analysis
    • Machine Uptime/Downtime Analysis
    • Production Analysis
    • Quality Analysis


    • Customer Analysis
    • Product Analysis
    • Sales Analysis
    • Vendor Spend Analysis


    Case Study: The Journey to Data Informed Decision Making

    Learn how Heinen's Fine Foods launched a comprehensive effort to bring data into a wide variety of decisions, with top-down & widespread support. This case study examines bridging the gap between square zero and square one, which can be the most difficult step to take.


    Data and Analytics Results

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