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Today's Manufacturing Challenges

Manufacturing technologies are in a renaissance period, but many companies are still stuck in the status quo and haven’t reaped the full benefits of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Solutions are scattered and aren’t integrated.  Despite investment, few digital transformation advancements have been implemented over the past decade. Examples include:

  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES) costs, improvements and customizations are daunting and expensive
  • Smart devices and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are stand-alone
  • Scrap, quality costs and downtime are too high
  • Scattered data in systems and on paper results in lack of visibility

New Beginnings with Manufacturing Automation

Flexible automation technologies enable rapid improvement through connection across your shop floor and your business processes, giving real data and intelligence to make great decisions and improvements. Workers are enabled to focus on adding value and improvements in uptime, quality, cost and training.

Rapidly Begin Your Transformation

CPS has developed remote deployments and proof of value programs. We can accelerate your continuous improvement without being in your shop! Area of focus include:

Machine Monitoring - Rapid Proof of Value

  • Uptime and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • IIoT connections to integrate solutions
  • Data, dashboards and analytics
  • Expandable platforms allow you to build capabilities

Digital Shop Floor - Rapid Proof of Value

  • IIoT connections to smart devices
  • Paperless job packets, ticket and data collection
  • Safety communications, training and metrics
  • Quality inspections in-line and error proofed
  • Data, dashboards and analytics

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