What is Digital Process Transformation?

Embracing digital strategies and seeing your processes clearly to strategically accelerate your organization

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We are experts in Digital Transformation Platforms (DTP), focused on workflow, data analytics, and business process optimization. We simplify complex processes, data, and integrations. Our field of play is focused around ERP, PLM, MES & CRM environments. This allows our clients the ability to clearly see their processes, data and make intelligent business decisions.

Our team is our strength; which is driven from the depth of their process experience combined with their interest to drive quality low code automation to satisfy every client. That is the essence of our company. Behind them is a suite of carefully selected software tools that enable world-class execution and performance.

We pursue and elevate industry and market solutions that coincide with our main focus: workflow, data analytics and business process optimization. Once your company has the right people and products in place, let us help you with your processes. Process and Solutions are in our name. Let the Clear Process Solutions team take your company to the next level: Digital Process Transformation.

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Digital Process Applications

AgilePoint:  Enterprise-class, future-proof, low-code application platform

Winshuttle: Enterprise application platform integrated with SAP for data management and data flow


Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Qlik Sense: Enterprise data analytics
Process BI: Offering Winshuttle and AgilePoint Dashboards powered by Qlik Sense



Shop Floor Process Automation

Tulip: A Manufacturing application platform designed to optimize human-centric processes
ERPlinc for Tulip: Bridging the gap between shop floor and ERP, PLM, CRM,   MES 



Product Development Platform

Onshape: Unites CAD, data management, collaboration tools and real-time analytics

ERPlinc for Onshape: Bridging the gap between cloud design and ERP, PLM, CRM, MES



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CPS Digital Storm



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