What is a digital transformation roadmap (SINC)?


    Why build a roadmap using SINC?

    Using our unique consulting process SINC (Strategy, Insights, Needs, Culture), your business goals and technology needs come together.


    Manufacturing Automation Governance Blue-1


    Align your business goals and objectives with a digital transformation roadmap.  Our most successful customers have a roadmap prioritizing their automations, data, processes, and integrations.


    RPA Governance Blue


    Understand your current state by gaining insight from your team.  Through our interview process we will cover your systems, processes, and data that are being used at your company.  This will allow us to gain the information we need to fully understand your business.  


    Accounting Blue-3


    Allows you to plan and budget for digital transformation.  While conducting the interviews, we will find gaps or needs that your team identifies in your systems, processes, or data.  This information will be used to build your roadmap with expected ROI/results based on our experience.   


    Enterprise Blue-1


    Your team, their needs and culture are taken into consideration when building a roadmap.  The best plan can't be executed if your team is not aligned.  An executive presentation is prepared to provide clarity and alignment throughout the organization.  


    What business or strategic objectives are you trying to achieve?

    • Decrease Time to Market
    • Improve Collaboration and Communication
    • Increase Market Share
    • Eliminate/Reduce Non-Value Add Tasks
    • Improve Customer Service and Quality
    • Increase Data Value, Visibility & Throughput
    • Enabling Profitable Growth
    • Increase Management Visibility to Critical Data and Processes
    • Reduce ERP System Costs


    What departments will be interviewed?

    • Engineering
    • Executive
    • Finance & Accounting
    • Human Resources
    • Information Technology
    • Legal
    • Manufacturing
    • Operations
    • Purchasing
    • Quality
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Other


    Types of SINCs


    • Multiple departments
    • 2 hour meeting
    • FREE


    • Focused on one department
    • 2 to 4 weeks
    • Paid


    • Multiple departments
    • 6 to 8 weeks
    • Paid


    SINC Results

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