What is Digital Process Automation?

DPA, or Digital Process Automation, is the use of digital technology to perform a process, or multiple processes, in order to accomplish a workflow or function. As defined by Forrester, BPM, or Business Process Management, is creating tens or hundreds of applications a year, usually lead by IT and goes deep in the organization. DPA is around creating hundreds if not thousands of applications, is lead by the business, and usually goes wide across an organization. DPA ensures your operations run efficiently and effectively, resulting in:

Increased Productivity

  • Be involved in only the processes you need to be, for the right reason, in the right stage, with the right information
  • Profitability can mean doing more with the resources on hand.
  • How many jobs are really in your one job? The “to-do” list can be overwhelming. DPA automatically keeps you on track with tasks at the right time.

Paper Reduction

  • How many Capital Requests are processed in your company? How about in 10 companies? Every company? DO THE MATH:
    • An average sized tree provides materials for 15,000 sheets of paper.
    • A typical Capital Expenditure Request contains 15 sheets of paper to be reviewed, signed and approved by 5 individuals. 
    • Digitizing the information for 200 CapEx requests for leasing alone would preserve one tree.

Lower Production Costs

  • Mistakes in a production recipe lead to scrap and late deliveries, costing dollars and stress. Workflow guide rails, automatic and smart business rules integration and proper approvals can save you money and woe immediately.
  • Achieve a 30-50% reduction in cycle time. With DPA, once rules are established, solutions become smart and execute automatically for you. 

A More Satisfied Workforce

  • Paperless, eco-friendly work environment.
  • A presented “to-do” list.
  • Ability to be remote (whether at a conference or enjoying a beach vacation) and continue to provide valuable, decision-making input from your phone. 
  • Transparent collaboration. It will be clear if your request is stuck in a co-worker's clutter folder...or if they simply haven't found the time to respond.

Would you like to see how much time you can actually free up by implementing DPA? Our Data Analytics tool, Process BI, enables you to see and measure this information out-of-the-box.

Your Prescription for Automation Success

When it comes to automated workflows in your business, CPS has just what the doctor ordered!
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