What is Manufacturing Digitization?

    Manufacturing Digitization provides insight into your manufacturing. By eliminating paper, collecting data, monitoring machines and tracking quality, you can increase profitability up to 50%.


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    Manufacturing Automation Strategic Roadmap

    Begin your digital transformation by identifying and prioritizing your greatest needs for improvement on the shop floor.  You can request a CPS proprietary Strategy; Insights; Needs; Culture (SINC) interview process and leverage CPS's experience to guide you in identifying use cases and building your personalized roadmap so you can get started. 


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    Data Collection

    Manufacturing data is often not captured or utilized to drive improvements on the shop floor, leaving a large opportunity for immediate improvement.  Learn how CPS can help you capture and display valuable data from operators, IoT devices, and machines to allow data driven decisions.  CPS solutions eliminate the typical data silos and can also integrate with your other data sources.


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    Machine Monitoring

    Machine monitoring should provide more than general monitoring of machines.  Learn how CPS implements solutions that provide visibility to OPE (Overall Production Efficiency) by capturing both, OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and OLE (Overall Labor Efficiency) metrics to help you see the full picture for improvements.


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    Manufacturing Automation Governance

    Governance is the foundation to managing your manufacturing initiatives. Setting up a proper governance program that encompasses architecture, best practices, policies & procedures, roles & responsibilities, security, and more are crucial to maintaining successful digital manufacturing solutions. Learn how CPS can help build your manufacturing automation solutions, but also ensure proper governance.


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    Production Visibility

    Production visibility throughout a plant is critical to ensure optimal planning, resource allocation and ownership.  Learn how CPS manufacturing solutions provide visibility to operators and supervisors, as well as visibility between different manufacturing cells to provide the maximum production output and profitability.


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    Quality Tracking

    Traceability of a product through the entire life cycle is a necessity in today's manufacturing environment and it is essential to identify potential quality issues immediately.  Learn how CPS implements solutions that engage operators and incorporate IoT devices to provide this traceability and prevent quality escapes.


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    Work Instructions

    Choose a manufacturing platform that allows true dynamic work instructions that integrate IoT, incorporate poka-yoke and provides powerful in-process logic to guide operators. Learn how CPS implements work instructions solutions that capture data, streamline your production, and integrate with your existing systems.


    Manufacturing Digitization Use Cases

    Machine Monitoring

    • Automated Text & Email Notifications and Visual Andon Capabilities 
    • Downtime Reason Codes
    • Machine Setup Instructions
    • OEE (Availability, Performance, Quality)
    • OLE (Labor Efficiency)
    • Real-time Shop Floor Utilization Dashboards

    Production Visibility/Work Instructions

    • Capture Data from Operators, IoT Devices and Machines
    • Dynamic Instructions with Built in Logic
    • Integrated Digital Inspection Reports
    • Poka-yoke Processes
    • Seamless Integration with ERP & MES
    • SPC Quality Metrics


    • Aggregate Quality Data from Operators and IoT
    • Auditable Quality Records 
    • Automated Operator Credentials Verification
    • Capture, Track and Present Safety Metrics
    • Integrated Knowledge Apps and Training Records
    • Real-time Manufacturing Driven Analytics


    Manufacturing Digitization Results

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