Process automation isn’t enough; the goal is process optimization! Make it happen with AgilePoint, Nintex or Winshuttle!

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Process optimization integrates continual improvement with process automation. To maintain an optimal state of business process throughput via workflow, efficiency is kept at the highest level through business intelligence insights which allow for nimble business rule adjustments and cross training for best practices. Process BI by CPS is a plug and play, KPI driven interactive dashboard that immediately illuminates key metrics around your workflow processes. 

Key Features Include: 

  • Real time dashboards on workflow processes running on AgilePoint, Nintex or Winshuttle
  • Insights to no touch or robotic process automation levels
  • Drill through capabilities
  • Responsive User Interface for KPI viewing on any device
  • Seamless integration with workflow archival strategy
  • Highlights understanding of throughput at the process and task level
  • Enable continuous improvement with transparency as the driver
  • Configurable for SLA monitoring in weeks, days or minutes

“Any organization that is process aware will not be satisfied with one and only one improvement to a given process. Now comes the hard part. How do you improve a process that went from weeks to days? You need to see data in formats that provide insights into opportunities. With CPS’s Process BI, it’s available in a matter of hours.”   -Rick Hawk, Kichler Executive Director of Business Process Innovation

The Challenge:  
When a process is a focal point for optimization, management desires immediate and current feedback on performance.
  • Is it running well?
  • Where are the bottlenecks?
  • Are some individuals achieving higher throughput than others?
  • What best practices can we leverage internally? 
  • What percentage of workflow is "no touch"? 
The CPS Solution:  
Process BI is an exclusively packaged integrated, plug-and-play, dashboard. It provides a dynamic, customizable, enterprise scalable solution with intuitive, self-guided metrics. 

When new workflow solutions are introduced in production, data automatically is presented in visualizations.  Want to add solution specific metrics?  No problem, any data that flows through the workflow solution can be the basis of KPIs specifically created for your company.

No code, no database changes, no data extractions; KPIs at your fingertips with a quick and easy install and an attractive price point.

What Level of No Touch Automation Are You Achieving? 

This, and much more, is available easily for AgilePoint, Nintex and Winshuttle Workflow.  


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