Trusted Snowflake Partner

    Clear Process Solutions (CPS) is a certified Snowflake partner based in Cleveland, Ohio. We work with companies to layout the roadmap to migrating to Snowflake, as well as execute on the work required to do so. Additionally, we partner with various data movement/ingestion technology vendors to ensure your Snowflake environment is optimized for price and performance.


    Where Your Data Cloud Experience Begins:

    One Platform, Many Workloads, No Data Silos

    Data Engineering

    Snowflake CPS Data Engineering 1

    Simple, reliable data pipelines in the language of your choice. 


    Data Lake

    Snowflake CPS Data Lake 1

    Access, performance and security for your data lake.


    Data Warehouse

    Snowflake CPS Data Warehouse 1

    Analytics at scale on all your data with near-zero administration. 


    Data Science

    Snowflake CPS Data Science 1

    Simple data preparation for modeling with your framework of choice.

    Data Applications

    Snowflake CPS Data Applications 1

    Build data-intensive applications without operational burden.

    Data Sharing

    Snowflake CPS Data Sharing 1

    Share and collaborate on live data across your business ecosystem.


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    Inside the Data Cloud, You Can...

    Access a World of Data and Services

    Join the Data Cloud - a network of thousands of organizations mobilizing data seamlessly across public clouds as data consumers, data providers and data service providers. Easily discover and securely share live governed data across your business, with your customers, business partners and any organization that is part of the Data Cloud.

    Gain Modern Data Governance and Security

    Unify your data warehouses, data lakes and other siloed data to comply with data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. Benefit from a multitude of baked-in cloud data security measures such as always-on encryption of data in transit and at rest. Snowflake complies with government and industry regulations.


    Build and Drive Your Business Forward with Data

    Democratize data analytics across your business so users at all levels and with varying expertise can make data-driven decisions. Create and run modern integrated data applications to best serve your customers, employees or business partners. Develop new revenue streams based on data to help drive your business forward.

    Connect locally and globally with Snowflake

    Unify, integrate, analyze and share previously siloed data with a near-zero management platform that delivers virtually unlimited scale and concurrency. Gain a single and seamless experience across multiple public clouds to execute diverse analytic workloads wherever data lives or where users are located.


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    Easy Ways to Get Started

    Build a Roadmap

    Using our unique consulting process SINC (Strategy, Insights, Needs, Culture), your business goals & technology needs come together.

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    Try New Technology

    Start with a specific use case and learn how new technology can add quantifiable value to your organization before committing to full implementations or licensing.

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    Projects and Support

    CPS offers solutions in flexible, affordable and customizable ways. Our team makes cutting-edge expertise possible enabling your data and processes to run smoothly.

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