MES 4.0 Made Simple

    Out-of-the-box MES systems are powerful tools. The one consistent drawback is their flexibility and ability to integrate with other lines of business. Tulip's Platform as a Service has continued to evolve and enable seamless integrations to business lines. Their entry into Gartner's Magic Quadrant as an MES challenger has already started to change what an MES can be including flexibility without code heavy additions for limited expansions. Utilizing the strength of a cloud platform, Tulip has dynamically shifted what an MES system can do without IT burdens and enabled MES functionality in a Manufacturing 4.0 environment. 

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    Tulip Products


    Build powerful frontline operations apps. Ideal to guide manual workflows and collect production data.

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    Build robust IIoT-enabled apps. Ideal for combining manual workflows and IIoT sensor/ device data.

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    Build enterprise-grade apps. Ideal for multi-site rollouts requiring integration with existing record & control systems. 

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    Life Sciences-GxP

    Simplify compliance. Tulip was built with features & architecture designed to make compliance a seamless part of operations.

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    Do you experience these pains?

    • Inaccurate test results leading to rework and fire drills
    • Job tracking / training is a very manual process
    • Manufacturing or shop floor visibility cockpits
    • MES costs and integration issues
    • MRB's are time consuming and provide low value / insight
    • Not enough lead persons to effectively train and produce
    • Not enough users or time to test
    • Poor integration and lack of flexibility with other lines of business 
    • Testing has not been completed and accuracy is questionable
    • Whiteboards are static and never up-to-date

    If you are experiencing these pains and don't know where to start, schedule a free discovery session with us. During your discovery session, we will cover your business goals and objectives, current business or technology challenges and your desired future state.

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    Trusted Tulip Partner

    We are the go-to-partner for cost effective training and development. The CPS team has integrated Tulip in multiple manufacturing environments with continued success and great ROI including real-time analytics, job tracking, defect tracking and enterprise ERP/PLM integrations. CPS has consistently stayed at the forefront of Tulip evolution and training. We are the first partner to develop a full curriculum for citizen developer training that enables customers to fully utilize the platform to rapidly develop and deploy value-added applications for their operations.



    CPS Resources

    Citizen Developer Training

    The citizen developer program provides training for your internal resources to allow your organization to automate at scale.

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    On-Demand Webinars

    Library of on-demand webinars including manufacturing analytics, shop floor integration and future of life sciences MFG.

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    Tulip Training

    Video library that contains information and demos on platform integrations and tips & tricks our team has encountered.

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    Introduction to Tulip, A CPS MFG Digitization Partner



    Easy Ways to Get Started

    Build a Roadmap

    Using our unique consulting process SINC (Strategy, Insights, Needs, Culture), your business goals & technology needs come together.

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    Try New Technology

    Start with a specific use case and learn how new technology can add quantifiable value to your organization before committing to full implementations or licensing.

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    Citizen Developer Training

    Providing training for your internal resources, the program is a powerful asset in the digital evolution of your business allowing your organization to automate at scale. 

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    Projects and Support

    Development and support of manufacturing applications across your organization by leveraging a low-code platform. 

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    Enterprise Partnership

    Partner with CPS to build manufacturing applications to accelerate Manufacturing 4.0 within your organization.

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    Leading Trusted Advocacy Partners

    Would you like to discuss your company's manufacturing digitization and Tulip initiatives?

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