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    Clear Process Solutions (CPS) is a certified UiPath partner. Our expertise in business process automation and RPA enables us to be a trusted partner by the world's largest companies. Leveraging the entire UiPath platform, we create digital transformation roadmaps to bots that eliminate non-value added activities. 


    UiPath Platform


    UiPath CPS RPA Robotic Process Automation

    Discover automation opportunities powered by AI and your people. 



    UiPath CPS RPA Robotic Process Automation

    Build automations quickly, from the simple to the advanced.



    UiPath CPS RPA Robotic Process Automation

    Manage, deploy, and optimize automations at enterprise scale. 



    UiPath CPS RPA Robotic Process Automation

    Run automations through robots that work with your applications and data.


    UiPath CPS RPA Robotic Process Automation

    Engage people and robots as one team for seamless process collaboration.


    UiPath CPS RPA Robotic Process Automation

    Choose your platform SaaS or IaaS / PaaS in public cloud, hybrid or on-prem.


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    Easy Ways to Get Started

    Build a Roadmap

    Using our unique consulting process SINC (Strategy, Insights, Needs, Culture), your business goals & technology needs come together.

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    Try New Technology

    Start with a specific use case and learn how new technology can add quantifiable value to your organization before committing to full implementations or licensing.

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    Projects and Support

    CPS offers solutions in flexible, affordable and customizable ways. Our team makes cutting-edge expertise possible enabling your data and processes to run smoothly.

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    RPA Simplified

    Eliminate non-value added / repetitive activities


    • People
    • Process
    • Data
    • Technology

    CPS + SAP + RPA-1



    • 3 to 6 Month Automation
    • Verified Data / Processes
    • Systems Integrated or Decommissioned

    Types of Robots

    SAP RPA CPS Automations

    Robots can automate non-value added / repetitive activities


    CPS UiPath Packages

    First Robot

    CPS will design, build, test and deploy your first robot.

    $10,000 - $50,000

    Strategy + 5 Robots

    CPS will create your RPA roadmap and design, build, test and deploy five robots.

    $100,000 - $200,000

    Strategy + Robots + Support

    CPS will create your RPA roadmap, design, build, test, deploy and support your robots.

    $150,000 - $300,000


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    CPS UiPath Resources

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    Playbook: Value of Automation in Manufacturing  

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    Stay up-to-date on technology & industry news.

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    If you're an SAP client, visit our SAP RPA Automation page.

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    What is RPA?

    UiPath explains Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and its business benefits.

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    Video: What is a UiPath Robot?


    Case Study: E & J Gallo Automates Data Entry into ERP / SAP with Citizen Developers Saving $500,000


    E&J Gallo Winery UiPath CPS

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