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    Why Process BI?


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    Enterprise Workflow Dashboards

    Most enterprise workflow platforms come with some out of the box reports and visualizations.  They are focused on reporting the data in the platform but not continuous improvement.  Process BI was created to monitor your business processes and tasks then provide the needed insight to make improvements.  


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    Seamless Integration

    Process BI seamlessly integrates with your BPM platform.  Within one hour the platform is installed and instantly starts reporting on your data.  The best part is all your data remains inside the Process BI platform.  This allows you to upgrade your enterprise workflow platform without losing valuable insight.  


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    Near Real-Time Visibility

    Process BI provides visibility into your business processes.  You are able to see how many processes are running or completed, how long each processes is taking, and who currently is assigned a task.  This visibility into your business process will allow you to make improvements and decisions to gain a competitive edge.  


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    Configurable & Customizable

    Process BI is configurable and customizable to your business needs.  Some organizations want to see SLA's in minutes, hours, or days.  Other organizations want to see how many tasks were automated through the enterprise workflow platform.  Process BI allows you to configure what you want to see and how you want to see it.  


    Process BI Dashboards by Department


    • Audit
    • Capital Expenditure
    • Customer Service
    • Contracts
    • Invoice
    • Intercompany Billing
    • Purchase Order


    • Bill of Materials
    • Engineer Change
    • Finished Goods
    • New Product Development
    • Quality/Defect
    • Raw Material
    • Semi-Finished Goods 


    • Commission​s
    • Customer​s
    • Purchasing
    • Quote​s
    • Return Material Authorization (RMA)
    • Sales Orders
    • Vendor​s


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