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Workflow Streamlines Business Processes 

Business Processes drive your business. Streamlined business processes can compliment your unique products and services to put you ahead of the competition. From governing data quality to reducing cycle times, doing business efficiently brings greater margin to the bottom line. 

CPS can help you automate any business process through our workflow solutions. Can you afford data entry errors? Can you afford to lose a sale due to poor customer on-boarding? There are thousands of business processes within your organization and we have the experience to help you automate them all.


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The most innovative platform for building digital, automation apps quickly and easily while ensuring future-proof simplicity, AgilePoint can make it so as technology changes you do not have to recreate or migrate your business process platform. You are truly future-proofing your business for success.  

  • Do you want to develop your business processes once and future-proof them from technology changes (SharePoint Upgrades, Different SaaS systems, ERP Updates, etc.)?
  • Do you need a workflow solution that can integrate with Office 365, Salesforce, Google G-Suite, Microsoft Dynamics, DocuSign, Box, OneDrive, Azure, REST APIs, and more? 
  • Do you want a workflow solution that will work in the cloud, on-premise, or both?

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Change the way you do data. Leveraging data as a strategic asset requires timely and trusted data in SAP. 

  • Are you struggling with getting data in and out of SAP?
  • Are you tired of how long it takes to work in and around SAP?
  • Do you want to automate Customer, Vendor, Finance, or Material processes?

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Your Prescription for Automation Success

When it comes to automated workflows in your business, CPS has just what the doctor ordered!
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CPS Experts Can Increase Your Workflow Returns with Cross Systems Integrations

Every organization utilizes more than one system. Often each business system does specific things well within itself, but a workflow solution is what helps to integrate across systems and bring more value to process automation. CPS is known as a market leader in using workflow to connect systems to keep data in sync where data needs to be redundant efficiently, without redundant tasks. Process definitely crosses these underlying systems. CPS has integrated within and across: 


  • ERP Systems (SAP, Epicor, Great Plains, etc)
  • CRM Systems
  • HR Systems
  • PLM Systems
  • SaaS Systems
  • Databases (SQL, Oracle, Azure SQL, CosmosDB, MongoDB, etc)

Our team has functional expertise in Finance, New Product Introduction. Materials Management, Customer, Vendor and other Supply Chain areas.


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