CPS, Snowflake and Data in the Supply Chain

CPS, Snowflake and Data in the Supply Chain

CPS Snowflake Data in the Supply Chain 1During this CTO Coffee Chat with CPS, you'll learn how with Snowflake you have an instantly scalable database in the cloud. Snowflake gives you a single source of truth across business units, supply chain & logistics partners and other relevant partners. Guest speaker Zoltan Mesko, Account Executive at Snowflake, explains how the platform is hands off when it comes to maintenance and allows as many "cooks in the kitchen" as necessary. 


CPS and Snowflake Partnership

”CPS can implement the real deal.” Zoltan Mesko, Account Executive, Snowflake

Clear Process Solutions is a certified Snowflake partner based in Cleveland, Ohio. We work with companies to layout the roadmap to migrating to Snowflake, as well as execute on the work required to do so. Additionally, we partner with various data movement/ ingestion technology vendors to ensure your Snowflake environment is optimized for price and performance.


CTO with CPS Coffee Chat: Data in the Global Supply Chain

Recently, Zoltan Mesko from Snowflake joined CPS CTO Justin Barr for a discussion about Data in the Global Supply Chain. The fact that the world is facing big supply chain issues with manufacturing overseas, barges stuck in ports, and long lead times, it got our teams thinking about sourcing and sharing data. By sourcing and sharing data with one single source of truth, companies can create a better experience for customers and suppliers and continue to compete during these challenging pandemic times.


By sharing data in the cloud with Snowflake, you have an instantly scalable database in the cloud that allows asCPS Snowflake Data in the Supply Chain 2 many "cooks in the kitchen" as necessary. Snowflake technology:

  • Results in quick business value
  • Provides hands off maintenance
  • Keeps one copy of data relevant
  • Spins up and shuts down instantaneously
  • Offers a single source of truth for data across business units and suppliers/partners

Data as an Asset: Securing the Data

As we think about companies using Data as an Asset, securing the data becomes a top priority. When accessing data in the cloud you can be confident that you're viewing the single source of truth.  With Snowflake technology, you'll receive:

  • Robust, role-based, access control
  • Dynamic data masking based on role assigned
  • Confirmation the data has not been manipulated on accident/by human error
  • The opportunity to eliminate emailed, FTP transferred, stale data forever!

In this short video, learn how with Snowflake you are in complete control of your data:


How can you get started with CPS and Snowflake?

Prove the value of this technology before committing to implementations or licensing with:

• Free 30 day trial

• Custom demo

• Hands on labs and workshops

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